Constantin Botezat


Constantin Botezat


" The theme reached in the works is a profound one, namely once you start to study it, it becomes an obsession and a form of escape. by Iulia Stratan -art teacher "



The figuration is at the center of artistic research Costantin Botezat: his works, both on canvas and on paper, in fact, contain a careful reflection on the potentiality of the image. The presence of abstract elements or signs enriches the figure, reflecting on geometrization of some elements and on the relationship between space and icon. The themes are the landscapes and the culture of the tradition, analyzed with an attentive sensibility to the characterization of the expressions and the gestures. Sometimes nervous and full of expressionist reminiscences, or related to the Cubist abstraction, the artistic language of Botezat uses color with wise attention and intense poetry.



2014 - present  Universitatea de Art? si Design. Cluj- Napoca, Romania.

2016-2017 - Erasmus at Accademia di Belli Arti. Bari, Italy.


Solo Exhibitions

2016  "Under the Visible PART I " - Zen Gallery, Hollywood, CA. USA.

2016  "Under the Visible PART II" - Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. USA.

2016  "Academic Portraits "-  Alpine Gallery, Salt Lake, UT. USA.


Group Exhibitions

2017  "Root" - Univerisy "Aldo Moro". Bari, Italy.

2017  "Le,Radici " - Abusuan, Intercultural Center. Bari, Italy.

2016  "Contrazione Pressione"- Iaga Contemporary Art Gallery.Curator Walter Bonomi. Cluj, Romania.

2016  "Distance and Desire"- Experience Gallery. Bari, Italy.

2016  "Partenze"- Museo Civico. Bari, Italy.

2016 "Overtime" - Iaga Contemporary Art. Curator Walter Bonomi.Cluj, Romania.

2015 "Igor Vieru" - UNA Gallery. Bucharest  Romania.

2014  "Igor Vieru" - Exhibition Center "Constantin Brancusi. Chisinau, Moldova.

2013 "Graines d' artistes et l' Art Moderne" - Troyes, France.

2013 "Chromatic Amalgam" - Central Scientific Library "Andrei Lupan ".

2013 "Igor Vieru" – Oxentea. Dubasari,  Moldova.

2013 "Igor Vieru " - the Russian Centre of Science and Culture. Chisinau, Moldova.

2013 "EURO - KARTOENALE " - SALON DU EUROPEEN D' dessin humor. Kruishoutem, Belgium.

2012 "CHILD AND A DOG" - Cestohowa, Poland.

2012 "Romanian Branch" - Ramnicu Valcea, Romania.

2012 "Spirit of Landscape Romanes" – Romanian Ambassy. Moldova.

2012  Exhibit at "Igor Vieru"  - Cantemir, Moldova.

2011  High school students exhibition "Igor Vieru"-  Municipal library "BPHasdeu" Transylvania Branch. Chisinau, Moldova.