Vincenzo Marsiglia_Interaction Shapes

Saturday, December 13, from 5 p.m., at Casa Matei Corvin and from 6 p.m., at IAGA International Art Gallery Angels, opens to the public the solo exhibition: Vincenzo Marsiglia_Interaction Shapes
The exhibition, dedicated to an Italian artist known internationally for the interactive art, presents site-specific installations and new artworks, especially created for this project. As the title suggests, the exhibition displays surfaces, objects, interactive environments, changing shapes that will engage the viewer through changes in colors, dimensions, motions, sounds, like a kaleidoscope of visual and experiential potentiality, to make the public protagonist of the artwork, in a "call to the arts" unique in its kind.
At the base of the exhibition concept, Vincenzo Marsiglia intends to ask some questions that are central in this contemporary age:
which is the role of the artwork to the viewer?
which is the role of the viewer in relation to the artwork?
how to develop the potential emotional and sensory to the public?
how much the new technologies can influence the artistic research?
The path shows answers to these questions by demonstrating the great sensitivity of the artist to use the new products of digital technologies: videowalls, interactive paintings, sculptures made of wooden material and able to transform and amplify the sound of a genuine Stradivarius violin, and installations specifically designed to transform the spaces, are the focal points of an event that will be like a 360-degree experience, physical and mental. Reflecting and recognizing itself, communicating with the interactive works by Vincenzo Marsiglia, the audience will be active user and indeed even the co-author of the works, invited on a journey of discovery that will surprise you. The artist will have also communicate and interact with the peculiarities of modern space of the gallery, where their works will dialogue in a game of references, as well as in the spaces full of history of Casa Matei Corvin, a few steps away from the Gallery: space of the University of Art and Design, Casa Matei is perhaps the oldest private house in Cluj, built in Gothic style in the fifteenth century.  
The interactive artworks, if carefully designed and precisely known by the artist, avoiding the use of pure and sensational fun, constitute a potential unexplored by Museums and Galleries in Italy and Europe. Speaking of interactive shapes of art, Marsiglia presents a real method, a clear and precise design intention: the artist is the creator of a process that must be completed by the public and the dialogue is today the only possible form to overcome the distance between mythology of the object and passivity of viewer, in the belief that art can still be the engine of a project universally shared, visionary and practical, absolutely innovative yet deeply attentive to the man, to his desires, to his needs.  
The exhibition, curated by Ilaria Bignotti and Walter Bonomi, is therefore an important event for the international critics and collectors, confirming the will of IAGA to be lively cultural platform whose main objective is to develop and promote dialogue between the Italian and Eastern European contemporary art, thanks to the participation in art fairs, festivals and events of international contemporary art, looking at a possible future where cultural exchange and international dialogue is really the foundation upon which to build a long-term art projects.
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog dedicated to the exhibition, with photos containing the site-specific installations made by artist, that it will be presented after the opening, with installation views and site-specific photographs.