Opening Hours
  • Every day from 9:30 to 19:00
  • Sunday only with appointment.
  • Monday Closed

IAGA is a gallery, is a laboratory, is an exhibition space, it is a core of ideas and projects.

A gallery born from a challenge that is a dream, a dream that is a challenge: create a new platform for international market and culture in Cluj Napoca, Romania, a city rich in stimuli, a crossroads of history and art in the heart of Eastern Europe, stimulating relations between artists Italian and Eastern Europeans.

The Gallery born from the entrepreneurial desire of an Collector, Alberto Perobelli, also includes a careful selection of works of modern art, to be understood as moments of reflection on the evolution of contemporary languages and places of comparison between the various artistic researches.

The attention to the selection of the works, constant research for artists young and contemporary, the care of the works and the coherence in the organization of exhibition projects, are also evident from the importance of the exhibitions and events held up till today.

The IAGA galery offers to the collectors a various and potential selection of contemporary artworks, proposing new art investments.

Our team is pleased to give to the collectors and the visitors all the informations requested and more news about our projects and artists.

  • IAGA - CONTEMPORARY ART Str. Cloșca, nr.9-11 / Cluj-Napoca Romania
  • Landline - +40 364735428
  • Info Center -